T.U.R.M is written in Delphi. At first it was just a small project for me to get more knowledge about Delphi. Over time the program evolved into what it is today. The Ultimate Race Manager. For slotracing that is.. ;-)

The information presented on this page is also in the help file. Just Unzip the TURM11.ZIP and run TURM.EXE.
The manual is far from finished, but the program is doing fine.

Settings - Championship

Apply & Save
This apply's and saves the changes made in de settings.

Load Defaults
When something is wrong with the settings the defaults can be loaded.
Hint: Delete TURM.ini wil also load the defaults.

Set the points rewarded for the first to the twentiest place.

Penalties (Lap race)
When a Lap race is selected two kinds of penalties can be given.
1. A false start penalty. Enter the number of seconds.
2. A No Finish penalty. Enter the number of seconds per round.
The No Finish penalty is calculated from the last track that has finished the race. Al tracks that has not finished recieve a penalty.


Track 1: 25 laps, 4:12.130
Track 2: 15 laps, 2:20.322
Track 3: 25 laps, 4:03.992
Track 4: 24 laps, 3:54.563

Track 1 has finished the race lasted. Tracks 2 and 4 receive a penalty:

Track 2: 4:12.130 + 10 x 12 seconds.
Track 4: 4.12.130 + 1 x 12 seconds.

Penalties (Timed race)
When a Timed race is selected only a penalty can be set for a false start. Enter the number of laps and sections.

Edit Results alows you to change the results after a heat has finished.

Settings - I/O

Port Adress : LPT1 = $378, LPT2 = $278
Tracks : Enter the number of tracks
Bounce Delay (ms) : This option prevents the software from reading a passing car twice. This setting must be higher than the time is takes for the car to pass the sensor and lower than is takes for the fastest car to race a lap.
Output Multiple Power Signals : Set this is your interface supports this.
Inverted Input: Invert the input if nececery.
Sustain Sensor Read (ms) : How long you the sensor detection be sustained after de trackpower had been switched of. When a Timed race has finished the power is automaticty turned off. But when this happens cars still ride a bit before they stop. I would suggest you set this to 500ms.

Use this to test the interface.

Settings - Track

Change the colors uses in the timing screen.

Change the track rotation.

If the track is devided into sections you can enter the number of sections here. This is used when selecting a Timed race.

Settings - Audio

Enable or disable audio.